Micro Me-Moments. 5 minutes of Self Care for 5 Days…

When we procrastinate and continuously put an important task off for later dates, we make it a larger issue than it is and ultimately create a barrier between ourselves and the task. So if you have a difficult time putting in a few moments in the self-care department, let's work on a few small things [...]


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favors…

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favors… Whether your special day is a year or two from now or a month away, the details of planning your wedding can be incredibly stressful. There’s a lot of moving parts in organizing any event, and although it is very exciting, wedding planning is also very overwhelming. You want to [...]

Constructive Criticism or Projected Self-Doubt? How you should handle less than enthused spectators while you’re minding your business…

Just going to be quite frank, if i may. Not everyone is going to be happy with you when you're on the come up. Inevitably, people you used to hang around will fall off. If they're real friends or genuinely care about you, they will come back around eventually. Let them leave. When you're doing [...]

Dream Building – Vision Boards for the Win!

A quick summary of what a vision board is and how it is useful: A vision board is a visual representation of your goals and aspirations. Typically, it is made in a collage form. It's a collection of imagery and/or positive statements that serve the purpose of bringing your attention to achieving a goal. The [...]

Customer Appreciation Event 01-19-17

Join our V.I.P group to participate. 01/19/17 at 3:00pm EST. #NationalGetToKnowYourCustomersDay #CustomerAppreciationEvent#FreeGiveaway https://www.facebook.com/groups/VIPAmentasKey/ Hope to See You There!

Cyber Monday Sale – Amenta’s Key

Head over to our Etsy Shop for the Cyber Monday Party! Enjoy 35% OFF and FREE SHIPPING on your entire purchase! No minimum required. AND If your order reaches $50 or more we will also be including a FREE GIFT valued at $9.95 or More! Offer Expires at 11:59 pm EST.

Amenta’s Key 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Bringing the Luxury of the Spa to the Comfort of Your Home™ for the Holidays. Browse through some of our favorite handmade gifts in the Amenta's Key collection. //www.joomag.com/magazine/amenta-s-key-2016-holiday-gift-guide/M0298662001479842412?e=1&page=1&embedInfo=theme,293042,151b26,ffffff,ffe358,ffffff;

Humble Beginnings… 📻

"This is an interview with Aunyx Burrell, a self-made entrepreneur who took a hobby to a full time business supporting her lifestyle. In this episode Aunyx describes her journey of following her intuition to leave college and all the associated debts to pursue her passions and follow her heart." http://thedrgwen.com/hobby-became-full-time-business/ The goal with sharing my [...]

BLACK WOMEN OWNED INDIE BRANDS You Can Gift to Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season …

  It's that time of year again. Time to make those lists.... those holiday shopping lists! The best way to enjoy the holidays is to stay ahead of the rush. Stock up on what you can before the long lines start. Here are a few indie brands who happen to be owned by Black Women, [...]